Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello, world.

Surprisingly enough, this photo is from two years ago. Little girl, big book. (There's another version of this photo from 16 years ago, too. Trend? I think so...)

My name is Ma'ayan Plaut, and I'll be a guest contributor here at Little, So Chic. I'm not so good at fashion and stuff (though I appreciate it, it's a hard to appreciate something so difficult for me to wear. Sandhya's post about how cutting/hemming your pants doesn't make them "fit" is a good reason why.) so I'll be contributing "short" stories about my life as a short person.

I'm 4'10'' and have been since I was twelve. I've been told I have a big persona and people don't realize I'm short til I'm standing next to them. Being little doesn't mean you can't act big.

I work predominately in higher ed communications, specifically on the web, where no one can see what height you are. Even if you can't see it, I'm sitting with my 4-inches-too-long pants with my ballet flats behind my desk riding my kids' sized bike to work every day.

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